Our aim is to ensure that your free time is maximised so that you are able to spend more time doing the things you enjoy. South West PAs will provide a professional interface between you and any external supplier ensuring a professional and efficient solution.

This is a proactive and unique service to each client and dictated by their needs and requirements. We are committed to finding a solution for any domestic challenge so please do contact us to discuss anything that is concerning you. However, we tend to find our services fall into one of the three categories:

  • projects
  • errands
  • your home

South West PAs project managed my relocation from Islington to New York and are responsible for the ongoing management of my house back in London whichis now tenanted. Throughout everything their commitment and competence hasbeen outstanding and I can relax knowing that my property is in safe hands.I have utter trust in their judgment.”
~ Irene Walsh, Director, Investment Bank, New York

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Larger one-off projects

It could be a special party, a wedding, a new house or a big home improvement project that you need help with.

Whatever it is, we’ll be at the beginning to understand your requirements, we’ll chase suppliers and contacts throughout and we’ll manage the project throughout for you so that it delivers on time, in the way that you would expect.

Running errands

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause us the most distress. DVD rental fines mounting up, dry cleaning never collected, clothes waiting to go to the charity shop, waiting in to take delivery of grocery shopping, laundry, clothing alterations, postage and parcels, film and photo development, junk mail littering the hallway, the list goes on and on.

Whatever it is, and no matter how trivial it seems, you can rely on us to be on hand to sort it out.

Your home

Important dates

Never rely on station flowers again! We can remind you of important dates, buy and post gifts and cards and really take the time to find that innovative present for your nearest and dearest.

We will also be on hand to help you prepare for Christmas and make sure that everything is posted across the globe in plenty of time to arrive before the big day.


Travel, car, motorbike, home contents … whatever it is, it’s boring to sort out and most people rarely have time to find the best deal that’s right for them.

Leave it to South West PAs; we’ll do all that legwork for you and even remind when your renewal dates come up in a year’s time.


Filing, filing, filing – does anyone find it interesting? Let’s us get on top of your paperwork for you, declutter your office/kitchen/bedroom, or wherever those bills end up.

We may be able to consolidate some of your utility or banking & mortgage providers so that you get a better deal, and at the very least it will make submitting your tax return much easier.


Want to find a gym nearby? Get to see that new play in the West End? The latest band at the O2? Regular attendee of Chelsea Flower Show or more like Stamford Bridge?

Whatever it is, the team will get to know your likes and desires and be on hand to book up whatever is needed, as soon as the tickets become available.

Planes, trains, cars...

Ok, not many people actually own a plane or train, but whatever the vehicle is the team can remind you of MOT or insurance renewal dates, book services, source road tax or be on hand to help with the purchase of a new vehicle.

We can also set you up to pay the congestion charge automatically or be on hand to get rid of those parking fines that have a nasty habit of appearing when you least deserve it.


Whether you need help finding a new home, and pushing through the purchase process, or relocating, South West PAs will manage this for you. We’ll take care of managing the movers, organising for utility transfers, letting people know where you are moving to and inventory check ins and check outs where necessary.

We’ll even provide you with a crib sheet of your new area so that you can find out where all your local amenities (or takeaways!) are.

Out of town

Let us take care of your home for you. If you are on holiday, we can come in, water the plants, remove the junk mail and ensure there are no crises. If you are renting your home out for any length of time we can take over the management of that property for you.

Sort of like an estate agent, but with reasonable fees, reliable tradesmen and the personal touch. Ok, not like an estate agent then.

Property management

South West PAs has an expanding portfolio of properties that they manage for landlords, many of whom are resident overseas. Ensuring personal care and attention at all times, the team will ensure these properties are thoroughly looked after, all legal requirements are met and exceeded and all maintenance issues are resolved efficiently and to a high standard at a competitive price.

Liaising between tenants and owner, South West PAs will look after your properties as well as you would, if not better!


The big one. This really is a skill and an area where you don’t want to leave anything to chance. South West PAs excels at scoping out a full and detailed job description for any type of domestic help and taking time and effort to diligently find the right candidates for the position.

Whether it is a nanny for your children, a cleaner for your home or a gardener for the outside we take this very seriously and will ensure the best fit for you and your family as well as being on hand to help with the management of that person if you need it.


Fed up with never being able to get hold of a reliable plumber? Sitting in all day for the electrician that doesn’t arrive? One of the benefits of being in the lifestyle management industry is that we have a big black book of reliable, trustworthy and competent tradesmen.

From handymen to furniture restorers we know who to go to, and can probably even negotiate a discount on your behalf. We’ll also supervise them for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For any enquiries

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