About us

The company

South West PAs is a London based organisation which provides concierge and lifestyle management services to those individuals that need them most.

In other words: Everyone.

Whether you are a senior executive spending most of your time in the office, or a busy homeworker, the team at South West PAs believe that your domestic life should be treated with respect and professionalism.

Our mission

To support you such that your leisure time is yours to do what you want with.

It’s that simple.

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Our suppliers

Our extensive network of external suppliers has been built up over a number of years of personal use and recommendations and we only use people and organisations under these circumstances. We monitor their services to you and insist on absolute professionalism.

If they ever fail to deliver what we feel is an acceptable standard, we won’t use them again.

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Our values

Your needs, not ours: You are the most important factor in our business and we make sure that your needs always come first.

Commitment & Communication: We want a long term relationship, so we take the time to make sure there are no misunderstandings and no mistakes. We ensure effective communication in order that you can have complete trust in us.

Excellence: We only offer the highest quality solution – and we make sure all of our suppliers do the same.

Proactivity: We aim to get to know you so well that we have the solution before you even know that there’s a problem.

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Sara West, Managing Director

Client Work: Sara combines proactive project management skills with an eye for detail and a meticulous approach to task management. An effective communicator, she ensures professionalism throughout all her client relationships and has built up numerous contacts throughout her working and personal life in London. Sara works in close collaboration with her clients to ensure their needs are understood and met, and will proactively suggest ways in which their lives may be successfully rebalanced.

Background: Sara is a professional with over 15 years operational experience from the investment banking and professional services sectors within the City of London. Immediately prior to setting up South West PAs, she spent 8 years working at KPMG LLP during which time she held a variety of senior posts including Head of Operations within the Corporate Finance division, and Programme Manager for a strategic restructuring project. Throughout this time she was responsible for delivering change and guiding strategic direction and implementation, as well as managing large teams and ensuring operational excellence for the national business.

Approach: As a people motivator, Sara works by leading teams and coaching individuals to provide the best in complete and proactive client service. Her flexible and creative approach to problem solving, coupled with her high levels of commitment and drive ensure the client’s needs are met and surpassed at all times.

Education: Sara has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and ENPC School of International Management in Paris and a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of London.

Using South West PAs has provided me with enormous help; they’ve completely sorted out all my home filing, they’ve provided invaluable help sourcing suppliers that I wouldn’t have known how to find and are simply on hand to sort out any bizarre or tricky request I throw at them! I trust them completely and using their services has freed up my leisure time significantly.”
~ Melanie Richards, Partner, Debt Advisory Group, KPMG

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